How to Run a Boutique Yoyo Business - Autographed Hardcover Pre-order - Limited Edition!

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It's time to make your hobby pay! Join Two-time Canadian Yoyo Champion "Mryoyothrower" (aka J.D. McKay) as he guides you through his journey to creating a successful business selling his favourite toy!

-set up a small business and plan for growth-stand out with your own unique marketing strategy
-stay front and center on social media
-design and source high quality product
-make those sales both direct and wholesale

The book begins with Mr Yoyothrower's journey to business success. Part I takes you through the process of setting up and running a business, skills applicable for any modern entrepreneur. Part II outlines the design process, prototypes and testing, selecting the right machine shop, and making sales.If you want to build towards a full time income, make your hobby pay for itself, or just want to learn how your yoyo was made, How to Run a Boutique Yoyo Business will provide you with reliable information and helpful tips to guide you on your path to success!

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