Face Mask - Chuck a Duck

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We here at Rain City Skills put our customer's safety first. To that end we have created face protection for you to wear when The Duck rises up to exterminate humanity.

It's a well known fact that The Duck and The Canada Goose are training to fling their feculence with targeted precision. These masks have the double-function of providing some protection as well as clearly stating your highly-sensible anti-duck stance.

These masks are double-layer with a pocket for an added filter. The straps are adjustable for a tight fit in conjunction with the adjustable nose piece.  As with any other article of clothing, please wash before first use, and frequently thereafter.  

In relation to the Covid Pandemic, all we can state is that no one at Rain City Skills is a medical expert and we highly recommend you follow the health and safety guidelines of your locale when choosing PPE.

For more information on the genocidal plans of The Duck, please pop over to Amazon and pick up your survival guide!

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Finally, The Anti-Vax ABC's makes a great gift for that crazy uncle/aunt/coworker/spouse who likes to rant about government conspiracies. The artwork by Coffin Nachtmahr is delightful. You can add an autographed copy to your order by clicking here, or pick up a copy on Amazon by clicking here.