Objet D'Art Counterweight

$19.99 USD

Introducing the Objet D’art Counterweight – Elevate Your 5A Game!

5A style yoyo play is fascinating, allowing you to attach just about anything to the end of your yoyo string to kickstart your journey. But if you're after those sublime moments of perfect momentum synchronization between the counterweight and your yoyo, you've got to nail the weight balance.

Enter the Objet D’art, a seemingly simple Delrin sphere that's anything but ordinary. Crafted with care by Jeff Anderson, each one is hand-dyed to evoke the flavors of those beloved Canadian classic "TimBits" donut holes.

Where this gem truly shines is in its versatility with weight options. The bead itself weighs in at 8.7g, but it's equipped with a bearing and offers three different end cap options to fine-tune your experience:

0.55g - Aluminum Cap

1.55g – Steel Cap

2.45g – Brass Cap

2.3g – C Bearing

Pairing the bead with the aluminum cap and C bearing brings the total weight to 11.5g, while the steel cap version tips the scales at 12.5g, and the brass cap model sits at 12.45g.

For those seeking a lighter touch, you can use the counterweight without the bearing or switch out the C bearing for a half-C bearing, trimming off 0.6g (please note that the half-C bearing is not included).

So go ahead, select one of our vibrant color options, match it with your favorite 5A throw, and let the spinning adventures begin!