Rain City Skills - December - Canadian Forest

Rain City Skills - December - Canadian Forest

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This set is a little on the lighter side, but with a weight distribution that makes them a solid player. They were originally released as part of the Rain City skills 4 month ‘mystery box’ run.  These are available in a small quantity, and when they are gone they won’t be made again!

As the December set we decided to make them Winter themed.  As Rain City Skills is a Canadian country, trees covered in snow seemed to be appropriate. This set is made of durable 7075 ALuminum.  The bead weight is 6.9g but they ship with an installed micro-hydra that puts it up to aroud 10g (depending on the hydra).  You can also comfortably stack a 2nd micro-hydra, or play them with a full size hydra bead for the extra weight.  The overall shape makes for a bottom heavy bead that is comfortable to sling.  The ridges make them easy to grab, without interefering with the way they slip between your fingers.

While supplies last these also ship with an inexpensive set of light up begleri to add a bit of brightness to the winter.

(Disclaimer: inexpensive=lights won’t work reliably after bashing them on the ground for a while, but they make a surprisingly playable set of begleri to give to a beginner). 


Bead Specs:
Height:                                    19.5mm
Base Diameter:                       19.8mm
Top Diameter:                        12.2mm
Weight:                                   6.9g
Weight (with micro hydra)     9.9g