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Delrin Gamer - Dyed Edition!

$59.99 USD

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*Note - The gap with slim bearing is tigher than the original gamer, it's intended for looping style tricks and stalls. The throw comes with thick lube and a full C bearing for semi-responsive play, or unresponsive play

Two years ago when we released the original gamer I had no idea it would become the phenomenon it is! It’s a well loved throw, but it’s always had 1 major flaw. It’s a little heavy.

This time the weight is just right. It’s in a sweet spot for responsive play. We tightened the gap a bit so the slim bearing plays fully responsive, great for looping or stalls. The Full C flat bearing comes lightly lubed for semi-responsive play. 

We've included 2 types of pads and thick lube so you can play around with response setups.

-half 'C' bearing is 52.8g, Full 'C' bearing is 53.9g


Width - Half C - 32.9mm, Full C - 34.3

The full package
-1 gamer yoyo with a Flat C bearing installed
-1 half-C bearing
- carry bag
-thick lube
-bearing removal tool
-spare pads
-trading card
-"Lego" compatible fingerspin cups

Plus the standard Rain City SKills goodie bag!