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Ducc V2 Yoyo

$55.00 USD

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The new and improved Ducc!

A couple years ago people in the Facebook “Yoyo BST&Talk” group wanted to make a community design yoyo. I was crazy at the time and decided Rain City Skills would make that happen.

The lengthy process involved over a dozen polls, many, many renderings of possible shapes, and a LOT of discussion. The final poll was the name - The Ducc.

You can read all about it here.

In the spring of this year, we decided to make some changes and update the design. Again with the polls. After testing prototypes, I realized that the design was different enough that I wanted to make another run of the original as well.

So you have two choices, the Original or Ducc 2.0. I highly recommend you try both.

The Original is a good pocket throw. Stable enough for just about anything you need, and comfortable in the hand.

The Ducc 2.0 is definitely an upgrade. A little bigger all around (but a touch lighter) it’s much more performance oriented.

For fun, we did both runs in the same colourways, so you can buy yourself a set!

Each throw comes with

- A Ducc Yoyo
- Rain City x Sochi thin string
-“Chuck a Duck” and “Yeet The Geese” stickers
- A bunch of other Rain City stickers and Pogs
- Maple Candy
- Assorted Lego compatible Hub accessories
- A rubber Ducky!

Don't forget your spare bearings and string, or your copy of "The Duck: How to Make THEM Pay"