Rain City Skills - Loonie

  • $36.99 USD

The Loonie is now available!

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Have you ever found yourself needing a yoyo that can be stashed in a pocket?  One that can handle modern yoyo play?

The loonie is the result of half a year of careful and design and testing.  We started with a design that was the size of a Loonie (Canadian $1 coin).  After testing we nudged the diameter up just enough to give it the dimensions we needed.

The greatest challenge in crafting a yoyo this small is giving it enough weight to be stable, but not so much to make it feel like a brick on a string.

The Loonie has enough weight to do the job, but is nimble enough to be fun.  

The package also includes:
- zip up wallet to carry your yoyo
-"Loonie" sticker
- pack of Rain City Skills "Sunshower" Strings
- chocolate coin
- a pack of Mryoyothrower trading cards, extra stickers and a maple candy!

Width                  26mm
Diameter             32mm
Weight                 65.4g
Bearing                Size A flat track

Are you ready for the challenge?
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