Rain City Skills - The Hipster Highlife

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*Note - Raw (non-anodized version) is now available.  It comes assembled so you can send it to your favourite anodizing shop.  Please be aware that the bearing seat measurement is done with the added material of a splash anodizing in mind.  Also, if you choose to assemble it yourself and keep it raw be aware that galling will occur and repeated unscrewing will introduce vibe.**

Have you ever found yourself searching a city for that rare restaurant that has yet to be 'discovered'? Spent time searching for the perfect beverage? Spent hours on a piece of art? Do you spend your weekends nurturing a garden full of superfoods? Then the hipster Highlife might just be for you.

The first release from Rain City Throws is a powerful and unique return top. It has a feel that is both comfortable and fun, while still maintaining a high level of performance. Each Hipster Highlife comes in an Eco-friendly hemp carry bag inside a stylish Mason Jar. It is strung with hand-made artisanal string to match each colourway. The response is a hand poured, Canadian made "Monkey Snot" silicone, coloured to highlight the amazing designs of each yoyo. For those extra long, extra smooth spin times we selected the Tasmanian Tornado hybrid bearing. To top it off, the hub is designed to hold a lego piece. Each colourway comes with a matching set of Lego to top off the style.

To give you options both stylistically and to tweak the weight distribution of the throw, 2 additional sets of Lego are in the bag. They are varied, so you never know what you will get. *note: each return top was carefully assembled to be vibe free and smooth. The addition of the lego pieces does introduce a slight instability. To correct, simply remove the lego. Just to add that extra bit of spice, 30 out of the 90 available also come with a mini-figure in the bag.

Get yours while they last, as these colours won't be seen again! As a bonus I have a small number of "Build Your Own". They are raw, un-anodized aluminum. They are not recommended for play as is, as there is a risk of damaging the bearing seat due to the interaction of the Stainless steel of the bearing and introducing 'vibe'. These are intended for those of you Hipster enough to want to get your own unique anno done.


Weight 64.4g

Width 45mm

Diameter 56mm

Response Monkey Snot

Bearing "Tasmanian Tornado" Hybrid ceramic ball bearing

String Hand made ape hangers string