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RCS x Oh Yes Yo - Sk8r 2021

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The Sk8r has become on of the staples of a Rain City Skills collection.

When I approached Coffin Nachtmahr of "Oh Yes Yo" back in 2018 with the idea to do a collaboration called the skater, he was 100% on board right away. His first suggestion was that the name needed to be spelled Sk8r. From there, designing the yoyo to look like a skateboard wheel was a given. Justin Scott Larson went to work taking Coffin and my ideas and giving them shape. 

This throw was the single most prototyped yoyo of the entire Rain City lineup. 3 shops and 5 prototypes to get it just right. Machined delrin can be a challenge, particularly when it comes to matching the metal hub with the delrin. It needs to be in there tight so there's no slipping.

In 2020 we released a size-A bearing Sk8r, but the masses demanded a return to the C bearing, so the original design is back! The one change we made was the colours. Since the original run, many yoyoers have figured out how to use fabric dye to colour plastic yoyos. Jeff Anderson is one of the best of them, so we hired him to do custom colours for the stores.

Yoyoexpert has their 3 exclusive acid-wash colourways

Yoyosam features their Sonic and Tails colours

The rest are Rain City Skills exclusives, one for each player on our team!


 Here's a link to a written review of the Ducc and a few others.