Rebrand - Beginner Yoyo

$10.99 USD

The Rebrand is Rain City Skills' first dive into the beginner yoyo market. It's a fantastic beginner yoyo, fully responsive out of the box and great for learning on. 

I've toyed with the idea of a beginner plastic yoyo for years now, but the hurdle is always the high cost of setting up to make an injection moulded plastic yoyo. It's a larger scale system, where after you sell 1000 of them to cover mould costs, future yoyos are really inexpensive. But that up front cost.... We aren't big enough yet.

So I opted for a tried and true alternative - rebranding (liscencing) a bigger company's design. 

I've been using the Magic Yoyo "One Third" as my go-to for school kids for a few years now, so it was the obvious choice. Especially since it's design to have a plastic or printed paper cap installed!

So I hit up MYY and got them to do a run of the One Third in Rain City blue. We wanted to personalize it, give it a new name and some style. But I also wanted to be up front that this is a borrowed design.

So we called it The Rebrand. To have some extra fun with the design, we took the original Magic Yoyo logo, and designed our own to look like we just took a stamp and stamped "Rebrand" over the original logo. 

To add additional Rain City flare, Mrs. Yoyothrower took images or logos from each team member and designed pogs for each of them. 

The Rebrand comes with a slim C bearing installed for responsive play. You can swap it for a full C bearing (not included), but you'll end up with some vibe. 

Price - $12
In the box - Couple string and 3 random sets of Pogs to mix and match.