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The Convoy - Rain City Skills x Broke Village

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The convoy features a modified "O" shape with a unique rim and cup design. 7075 Aluminum means a just-right weight distribution for competition play and comfort in the hand. 

(Learn more about yoyo materials in my book “How to Run a Boutique Yoyo Business”).

The Specs:

Weight - 64.2g
Diameter - 54mm
Width - 47.5mm
Bearing - Groove Concave

 You can read the full backstory on this project by clicking here.
TL;DR - USA colour represents Broke Village's Cory Gardner's work in the USA merchant Marine. Canadian Red Ensign is based after the Canadian flag during WW2 and is a tribute to my late Grandfather who sailed in the Canadian Merchant marine. Pirates are pirates. 

Here's a video of each yoyo spinning.  Below is a tutorial I made with the Convoy and some links to reviews, enjoy!

Don’t forget strings and bearings.