Jeremy "MrYoyothrower" McKay

Jeremy is the madman behind the Rain City Skills operation. He is the two-time Canadian National 4a Yoyo champion.

Jeremy has been playing with return tops for most of a decade. After recently discovering the joy of begleri, he’s had several designs produced with more in the works. Jeremy is also a musician, basketball player, and obsessed with Pokemon Go and Ingress.

Justin Scott Larson

Justin is the mastermind behind the design work for Rain City. Jeremy comes up with the stupid concepts that should be impossible and Justin says "Well if we bend the laws of physics and invent transparent aluminum I think we can do it." Having grown up overseas (Europe, Asia, Africa, eastern Europe) moving every 2-3 years, Justin went to high school in Switzerland. With a mechanical engineering degree and a masters in materials, Justin has worked on a U.S. Air Force flight test program. He currently works on advanced development programs - super secret squirrel stuff.

Justin has been playing with yoyos since the mid 90’s. He’s pretty sure he still sucks at it.

Waylon Crase

Waylon Crase comes to us from Mansfield, OH. He picked up his first yo-yo on a whim, thinking it would give him something to do for an afternoon - that afternoon turned into years. Waylon is also a musician, bibliophile, poker player, and has recently become addicted to begleri.

Luna Harran

Luna has been experimenting with alternative styles of yoyoing for as long as she can remember. In fact, one of the first tricks she ever shared was a 1.5A tech combo. She finds the creative process of new styles, combined with the challenge of inventing and mastering new techniques, is the true reward of yoyo play, and she often also tries to develop this in her more standard yoyo play. 

Aside from yoyoing, Luna has her mind set on learning every skill toy she can get her hands on, which so far includes begleri, balisong, cardistry, penspinning, juggling, fingerboarding, and even her own invented "phone flipping". Luna is a long time speedcuber and mathematician, and is one of under 10 people in the world to have solved the 6 dimensional analogue of the Rubik's cube. 

Check out her mind bending tricks on her instagram here

Jordan Walker-Jenkins

Jordan is a yoyo enthusiast hailing from Ontario, Canada. When he’s not practicing his speed combos or hop tricks, he can be found sitting in a corner somewhere listening to indie music with an ice-cold Canada Dry in hand. Jordan has been throwing for 3-4 years now and has a passion for teaching those who show interest. His other favourite activities include: running, gaming, watching movies, gorging himself at Japanese restaurants, and petting every cat he sees.

Check out his instagram here

Tyler Hackett

​Ladies and gentleman, we present to you the Hipster King himself! Tyler is the real thing, what all hipsters aspire to be. He has been throwing for about 3 years in the solitude of Iowa. When he's not busy fishing, disc golfing, or enjoying a cold beer, you can rest assured you will find him with a yoyo in his hand.

Bailey Main

 Bailey Main is a newer yoyoer, but has boundless enthusiasm. He started his yoyo journey in April 2019, thanks to his friend Carter. His immense love for this community and hobby drives him to want to be more involved. "I may not be the best at tricks, but what I lack in talent I like to think I make up for it with pure luck. This is a dream come true to be apart of the Rain City Skills team. I have a feeling this will catapult my love of yoyos to a whole new level." We hope so too!