Stocking Stuffers - Beginner to Intermediate yoyos

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I've got a bunch of stuff, mostly purchased for resale to the local club or schools, that I want to clear out. Got a whole bunch of these on clearance a few years ago, so discounts it is!

1. Mr Yoyothrower Wood - Mass produced beginner, good for giving away. Not great for anything other than the basic up and down without a few tweaks. Good for gifts for kids.

2. Duncan Speed Beetle - Responsive Size A bearing, great beginner ball bearing yoyo - Slight scuffing, they've been in and out of bags and boxes going to events.

3. Duncan Pulse - Speed beetle with lights

4. Magic Yoyo One Third - Slim C bearing responsive yoyo.  Good for intermediate tricks. Will take a full size C bearing but does get vibes with the full bearing.

5. Magic Yoyo T9 - Comes with slim and full size bearing, great for both responsive and unresponsive tricks.

6. Magic Yoyo Behemoth - Unresponsive plastic with easy to use fingerspin hubstacks. Like, crazy easy to fingerspin.