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Prototypes! Whenever we make a yoyo it gets at least one, sometimes two or five prototype runs to get it right. These are done in batches of 4-6. 

Author - green - 1st proto, a little lighter than the run, slightly sharper edge and less rim
Author - World’s edition - Production run but from a batch of 20 I had engraved with the world contest logo
DTYY - Unreleased prototype (Aiming for January?)
Delrin Gamer - Gap is wider than production, Pads are standard 19mm instead of the wider Gamer pads
Micro Loonie - 1st prototype, waaaaay too small.  Like, Mighty flea small. Will come with a 10-pack of thinner string.  Fun, but challenging. It has some surface damage from testing
C Bearin Sk8r - 1st prototype. The hardware didn’t fit right, so it slips when tightening. Some scuffs