Bulk Beginner Yoyo

$5.00 USD

*Note - if you want specific colors please add your request in the order notes.

Mr. Yoyothrower managed to source some half-decent, affordable beginner ball bearing yoyos. Bonus - They light up!

The idea for these is to have something cheap enough to give away. If you are at clubs, out on the street, or teaching kids, these are a decent place to start.

They feature lights in both side that are activated when the yoyo is spinning. The bearing is a non-standard bearing, so it can't be swapped, but it's got a decent spin time. 

One caveat. They aren't super durable. The light assembly can break if you crank it on the ground hard enough. The yoyo still works fine as a yoyo, but you'll lose the lights. 

These aren't a money maker for Mr. Yoyothrower. He's offering them at close to cost (at cost for the 100 pack) so people can have an affordable giveaway yoyo (and because he had to order 1000 to get the low price).

Yoyos come as is in factory packaging. No refunds or returns, yoyos are sold as-is.