Rain City Skills - BEHgleri

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The BEHgleri

This design was created through a series of polls as a community design in the facebook group "Begleri Enthusiasts Hangout (BEH)"
The design is a solid bead titanium.  This run will be raw (non-anodized) titanium.  

Part of the design process included the community deciding it looked like a hamburger.  So to have some fun with that, the beads will ship in a hamburger zip case for carrying them around.  They will also come with 'mustard' and 'ketchup' coloured "Bumperz" o-rings installed from MonkeyfingeR Design.

Finally, each set will ship with a pair of stickers designed by Chris McCauley and Braindeef from the BEH.  

Beads will start shipping on Feb. 16th.