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D’Oh’Nutz counterweights

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The D'Oh'Nutz counterweight from Rain City Skills!

A while back I told Luna Harran to design herself a counterweight, anything goes. She wanted Donuts.

So here you go! This is a hybrid counterweight system. It's designed with standard 5a Play in mind, and as a transition into Double-Dice Style play.

The D'Oh'Nutz consists of two Delrin beads 5.7g each (total 11.4). They nestle together nicely for standard 5a tricks, and are easy to slip apart for those crazy double-dice moments!

Mr. Yoyothrower is working on a tutorial series of the basics of double-dice tricks and techniques, so stay tuned for that.

What's included?
-A pair of D'Oh'Nutz
-two Rain City x Sochi custom strings
All zipped up in a fabric carry case with a donut printed on it!
Available in six dyed colourways, white, and 3 additional custom colours exclusive to yoyoexpert!