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Deluge - Second Run Available now!

$95.00 USD

Rain City Skills is now tiptoeing into the higher end market. When I offered Jordan Walker the opportunity to design his signature yoyo, he insisted that it be a bimetal that could hold its own against the best.

High Bar

I can't say for sure if we hit it, but we've come close. The Deluge is 7075 Aluminum with stainless steel rings. It sits the line between speed and stability. A comfortable W shape fits in the hand comfortably, with enough angle for Jordan's speedy horizontal play!

7075 aluminum with stainless steel rings
Weight - 66.3g (Rings 25.4g, body 40.9g)
Diameter - 55.9mm
Width - 43.4mm
Bearing - Groove Concave
String - Custom MonkeyfingeR Vines

5 colourway options
Salmon Sashimi – solid pink with silver rings
Royal Starfish – Purple with a gold cup and gold rings
Fiddler’s Green – Emerald with Rainbow Rings
Coral Corruption –Black with pink/silver splash and silver rings
Murky Abyss – Black with blue/green acid wash and silver rings

What’s in the box:

Well, there’s no box. When we were packing them up, a huge rainstorm swept the town, an outright Deluge. All the yoyos were eaten by fish, so we had to track them down. As a result, the Deluge comes in a zip up fish.

Inside you’ll find a Deluge in a carry bag, a custom Rain City aluminum “slammer”, stickers, and a small Lego compatible boat so you can be prepared for the next big storm!

Each throw is strung with a custom MFD Vines string to match the colourway

Don't forget Strings and Bearings or a Rain Drop Counterweight!

Or your Copy of The People of Yoyo!