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Diamond Yoyo Holsters by Mryoyothrower

$9.99 USD

Diamond Yoyo Holsters are your high-quality solution to being ready for yoyo, anytime, anyplace.

5 years ago while we were in Prague for the world championship, my wife stumbled across a leather worker at a market making leather keychains. She asked if he could make them bigger for yoyos. He told her to return the next day. She bought twenty which I gave away to friends, but was inspired.  

Mrs. Yoyothrower and I brainstormed design modifications (the original opened wide and risked the yoyo falling out) and came up with the design for the Diamond Yoyo Holster.
I made a bunch, but the cost of materials was too high to be a viable product.

A couple months ago I looked into getting them made for me. I sourced out a factory that could produce them at a reasonable price. I tested a sample, told them what I wanted changed (the snap was too week) and ordered 600 (minimum order). A month later they arrived...with the wrong snap.  I negotiated a partial refund, but was left with a big pile of useless holsters!

So I’m back to hand-made. I’ve decided to strip out the low-quality hardware and re-make them to my specifications. I’ve been using this holster design for 5 years myself and in that time have only needed to replace it once. I love it because it’s short enough it doesn’t bounce around too much, and is really ease to use one-handed. 

Available for an introductory price of $14.99 for a limited time.