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Foxtail Strings - 5 Pack

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Team member Todd "YOYOFOX" Rollenhagen's Premium handmade string made from 100% polyester, each string is made by Todd with care, and because no rig is used each one is made by feel to make sure tension is perfect. Of course being made like this does create subtle variance in each string but that makes them unique! All fades are made from 2 different colour thread, no dye is ever used in the process to ensure there is zero colouration of your yoyo or your fingers.

These strings do not frey, and they last an awful long time, once a string gets dirty simply wash it and it will bounce back like new!

 These are a little crispy to start, but once they break in they are incredibly soft, and are even softer after a wash.

They will hold tension like no other, slacks and whips are a breeze... Even in the breeze.. They are lovingly referred to by users as yoyo game genie strings.

 The process does take a considerable amount of time, Todd will be making these strings in drops on the rain city website, quantities are limited.

Radder-er nylon:

For the nylon lovers I have created a nylon poly blend! These are super soft and play like a standard nylon, but with some poly to add weight for whips and slacks!
These nylon are much many more Radder-er than all the other nylons. Nylon is not blacklight reactive.

Gilded canary:

Legend has it that there was once a canary fitted with golden armor who led ancient Greek soldiers into battle, it would confuse the enemy by subtly fluttering around taking away focus on the battlefield. This is of course only if the enemy was a bunch of ADHD brained individuals.
Anyway, orange faded to yellow! Super bright and super reactive to blacklight!


Cisco's strawberry sunset:

Imagine yourself on a beach in the Caribbean, sitting in a hammock and enjoying a beverage, watching the sun set over the ocean. This is how you feel when playing these strings! 

Whattuh malone:

If it makes you think of a delicious treat on a summer day, or a tattooed rapper then they've done their job!