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Gamer Light

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The Gamer started it’s existence as a simple, classic design that was meant to be a small blip in the Rain City Catalogue. Something for beginners. Instead, we hit the design just right for modern responsive play! It turned out to be one of our flagship models. It’s been through 3 runs of the original design, a run as a lighter Delrin model, and now we have a lighter weight aluminum edition.

The main feedback we got on the original design is that it has a little too much weight for some of the stall-based modern responsive tricks. So we shaved off a few grams for this run!

We’ve revisited some of the classic colourways and brought in a couple new ones based on requests over the years!

The best advertisement is customer reviews.

"Just got my Gamer Lite, and I have to say this thing has FAR exceeded my expectations. As you know I had reservations about the weight, but honestly it plays much lighter than specs would suggest. The weight distribution inside must be really balanced. I also love that when using the narrow bearing, the yoyo is snappy responsive even with a DRY bearing. Super nice to be able to shoot the moon 20 times in a row (5 more than my personal record) on the first attempt was incredible. Great job on this, the purple/black/blue color is gorgeous too." 
-Brandon Heinz

With each gamer you get:
1. A beautifully anodized ‘gamer’ yoyo with a size C bearing
2. A slim bearing for responsive play
3. A bearing tool and yoyo holster
4. A hard shell case to keep it safe, or store your accessories and string
5. The usual stickers and goodies

Slim Bearing Specs
Weigth - 61.25g
Width - 30.5mm 
Diameter - 54.85mm 

Full-C Bearing Specs 

Weight - 62g
Width - 32mm
Diameter - 54.85