Loonie - 2023 Edition

$55.00 USD

Introducing the Loonie – A Tiny Powerhouse!

When we think back to our first releases 6 years ago, the Loonie stands out as a true trailblazer. It's incredible to reflect on the fact that we've unleashed a whopping 40 unique yoyo designs since then!

Named after the iconic Canadian $1 coin, the Loonie shares a similar diameter, and it's so compact it could easily vanish in your pocket change. But don't let its small size fool you! This yoyo is meticulously balanced to offer a fully responsive and unresponsive playing experience.

Crafted from durable brass and equipped with a size-A bearing, the latest iteration of the Loonie boasts a game-changing upgrade in the form of custom-designed pads. These pads sit closer to the smaller bearing, resulting in tighter binds and extended spin times when you throw it.

Your Loonie package includes a 5-pack of Rain City's "Oh Canada" edition extra-thin strings, ensuring you're ready to dive right into the action. Of course, it also pairs perfectly with standard bulk string. And as a cherry on top, we've included our signature assortment of stickers, pogs, and delicious maple candy!


Size A Bearing
Weight: 54.6g
Width: 27.2mm
Diameter: 33.4mm