Metalhead - Rain City Skills x Throws N'Brews

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The Metalhead is the most performance oriented yoyo since the Hipster Highlife. It's big and powerful without sacrificing the fun feel you've come to know and love. We opted for a more traditional rounded hub, but with a unique design to facilitate fingerspin.  It also offers hands-down the longest finger grind I've seen in a yoyo.

Width: 46.7mm
Diameter: 55.1mm
Weight: 66.4g weight
Bearing: Groove Concave

-Rain City Skills Thick string

-A pair of custom engraved guitar picks. The Pink is .5mm (Jeremy's preferred thickness) and .6mm (Thomas's preferred thickness).

-One of 16 random Lego compatible musician minifigures!

Finally we have a special edition. The Apprentice colourway is based off the cover of the first album from Vancouver heavy metal band, Apprentice. The band is led by yoyoer and guitarist Joey Hockin!  Joey kindly gave me a discount on downloads of his album so I can share them with you!  So each Apprentice engraved edition is $5 more and comes with a download of this fantastic album (Value $10). You will receive an email link after your purchase.


Don't forget your leather "Diamond Holster" from Mryoyothrower 
The upgrade accessories pack from Sochi


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