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Ouroboros by Rain City Skills - Luna Harran Signature

$68.00 USD

The Ouroborosis back!

The Ouroboros is the signature yoyo of yoyo innovator, Luna Harran. If you haven’t seen Luna in action, you are in for a treat. She plays just about every style of yoyo and creates tricks I guarantee you wouldn’t have thought of (I know I wouldn’t!)

Luna worked with designer Jordan Blofeld to come up with a design that would meet her needs. It needed to be stable and powerful enough to handle Luna playing on a string, off a string, with a counterweight and (occasionally) with her feet.

We started out with material. 7075 Aluminum for a little more durability when dropped. It’s wide without being unwieldy, with a comfortable diameter. The throw ships with the standard Rain City Groove Concave bearing for maximum string control. It also comes with a Monkeyfinger Vines string attached, and a Rain City Skills thin string tied in a full loop!

The Rain City Skills team has been enjoying this throw, and I know you will too!

Width 49.9mm
Diameter 54.9mm
7075 Aluminum
Groove Concave Bearing

 See Luna in action @thesonicpineapple on instagram

Here are a couple videos showcasing her skills, (She's using the Hipster Highlife, we'll have a new video with the Ouroboros after Spanish Nationals)


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