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Pop Art - Rain City Skills x Doc Pop

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The Pop Art by Rain City Skills and Doc Pop

This is a really interesting throw and we are very excited to get it into players hands.
Doc Pop is a long time innovator in the yoyo community. He’s released a series of yoyos that combine classic and modern design elements. When he approached me about a collaboration with Rain City Skills, I was stoked!
The Pop Art features a slimline design for responsive play, but with some interesting design elements.

1. Size A bearing – gives it that real classive feel with a smooth tug-response
2. Response – The extra-wide gamer pads to give the string more surface to grab
3. The gap – Slim catch zone with high walls, broken up by a pair of “Schmoove Grooves” combining for snappy, predictable response.
4. Cup – The hub is a wide, tapered aluminum insert that ends at a high Delrin wall. This allows for pull starts and other tricks that are fun with responsive 1a and 5a play
5. Light weight but well balanced for snappy stalls and regens.

The first release of the Pop Art will also include the new Rain Drop counterweight from Rain City Skills (Base Bead edition). Doc Pop get’s really creative with a trick style called “Responsive Freehand”, taking advantage of the responsive throw for some neat stall tricks that verge on Begleri play!

Weight – 52.6g
Diameter – 59.9mm
Width – 32.5mm

Doc Pop is building a playlist of Responsive Freehand tutorials, it'll give you a good idea of what the throw looks like in action! 

Click here to watch his tutorials


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