Rain City Skills - Loonie

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The second run of the Loonie is now available! Limited "Patina" edition available, both black and green.

*Patina edition may have slight vibe due to added material. Each is unique and may not exactly match the picture shown. Finish is sealed with an automotive grade wax, but isn't as durable as anodizing.*

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Have you ever found yourself needing a yoyo that can be stashed in a pocket?  One that can handle modern yoyo play?

The loonie is the result of half a year of careful and design and testing.  We started with a design that was the size of a Loonie (Canadian $1 coin).  After testing we nudged the diameter up just enough to give it the dimensions we needed.

The greatest challenge in crafting a yoyo this small is giving it enough weight to be stable, but not so much to make it feel like a brick on a string.

The Loonie has enough weight to do the job, but is nimble enough to be fun.  

The package also includes:
- a random zip up coin pouch to carry your yoyo
-"Loonie" sticker
- pack of Rain City Skills "Sunshower" Strings
- chocolate coin
- a pack of Mryoyothrower trading cards, extra stickers and a maple candy!

Width                  26mm
Diameter             32mm
Weight                 65.4g
Bearing                Size A flat track

Are you ready for the challenge?
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