Rain City Skills - BEHgleri +Cubegleri 3 pack

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1. The BEHgleri
This design was created through a series of polls as a community design in the facebook group "Begleri Enthusiasts Hangout (BEH)"
The design is a solid bead titanium.  This run will be raw (non-anodized) titanium.  To keep the cost down the beads will ship without any bells and whistles, just the beads and a cord in a simple carry bag. Dimensions are in the photo below. 

2. The Cubegleri - Brass

This design is inspired by the dice in the latest Star Wars movie (although definitely different enough to avoid mouse-related lawsuits).
Designer Justin Scott Larson tweaked the traditional dice design with more curved edges and a unique bore hole design.  This design will be made of brass. It will weigh approximately 13g per bead and be a 13.5mm cube.  See the video below to check out the design and a rendering of what the finished bead will look like.



3. The Cubegleri - Aluminum

 Same design as the Brass but bigger.  18.5mm cube and 13.3g.  Unlike the brass the aluminum is compatible with MonkeyBARs.