Rain City Skills - The Showgirl

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The Showgirl received such a standing ovation that they are back for a 2nd act!

The 2nd act brings you 3 colourways, the Atomic Bombshell, Diva and The Show Pony!
1. The Atomic Bombshell was a hit first time around, so we made some more!
2. The Diva was named by members of Vancouver's Burlesque community.
3. The Show Pony is a title used in the burlesque world as a gender neutral alternative to 'showgirl'.  Amazing performers from all walks of life can be found sharing their beauty on stages, and that deserves some recognition!

Finally we had a handful of Showgirls left without anodizing for those of you who would like to get your own custom work done.
*Disclaimer.  The bearing seat is measured for anodizing to be added so if assembled raw may not be perfectly balanced.  Furthermore, aluminum and steel interact badly and if a raw return top is assembled with a bearing it can result in damage to the bearing post.


Check out the story below!


Back in November when Troy Butner contacted me asking if I wanted to kick in a bit of cash to help him make a prototype run of his dream yoyo my only thought was “Cool idea, happy to help!”.

Fast forward to the end of December.  The Gamer had been a hit and I polled the yoyo community to see what I should do next with Rain City.  One of the more popular responses was “Do something weird”.  Don’t worry, that’s coming.  The most popular was “Something in a classic O-shape”.

At the same time Troy’s yoyo arrived in my mailbox.  It was exactly what I was going to try to come up with for the next Rain City throw!  It had that clean, classic design and played beautifully.  Heavy enough to be stable, but not too heavy.  I did what any sensible person would do and asked Troy if he would be interested in having me do a full run of them as a Rain City release!  As you’ll note from the pictures, the only change I made was to include the signature Rain City Lego nub.  It’s a little shorter than the one on the gamer because we wanted a more sleek look, so it won’t hold up to the “finger spin” plate that came with the gamer, but it’s perfect for adding a rose or crystal to round out the theme.

As to the theme.  One of the reasons I jumped on this design was the name.  The Showgirl.  Sexy, sleek and beautiful, this throw has it all.  We have 3 colourways on offer; Atomic Bombshell, Cabaret, and Curtain Call.  

Each one comes packed lovingly in a blinged out box, wrapped in a return top sized feather boa, inside of a classy rose printed carry case  with a 10 pack of string inside!

I'm selling this one direct through Return Top Shop to keep costs down and to allow me to give Troy $5 from each sale. 

Atomic Bombshell has a wild explosion of colour and comes with a flaming Lego rose.
Cabaret is filled with dark, smoldering colours and comes with a rose with a gem attached.
Curtain Call is a 3 rose coloured fade and comes with a bouquet of lego roses installed, exactly what a star performer expects the stage to be showered with at the end of a show!

Weight    66.1g
Width      43.4mm
Diameter 53.3

This is a pre release price, it'll go up a few bucks on Friday.