Rain City Skills x Eternal Throw - Gamer Round 3

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 Introducing the "Gamer" by Rain City Skills and Eternal Throw, back for a 3rd run!

Releases Thursday September 20 at 5pm Pacific Time

This throw was designed by veteran Skill Toy Designer Justin Scott Larson. He has had a passion for older style throws for years and when Jeremy "Mr Yoyothrower" McKay approached him looking for a design for a beginner friendly 'throwback' return top, it was his chance to pull this design he'd been working on for 2 years! 

The gamer is designed for both responsive play and unresponsive play. With the wider bearing installed you can challenge yourself to hit those complex string tricks in a narrow gap. The gamer has a solid rim weight without playing too heavy, which gives it the stability needed for unresponsive play.With the slim bearing installed you can practice your stalls, kickflips, or just show off some old fashioned 'stop and go' tricks! Each throw comes with everything you need for whichever style of play you want. We used custom designed pads for this throw, so we included 2 extra sets so you don't have to worry about that.

The package includes:

-1 gamer return top-a slim and a full size bearing (full size installed)
-2 spare sets of pads
-2 pieces of decorative lego to attach to the hub
-1 small bottle of thick lube to keep your slim bearing right where you want it or make your full size bearing semi-responsive.
-A cool keychain multi-tool that makes a handy string cutter
-A carry case to hold your gamer, or pack around the accessories!
-Stickers and more!