Rain City String - Oh Canada!

$17.99 USD

The newest edition Rain City string is now available! We've gone back to our own formulation of strings to cut costs a bit to pass the savings on to you!

This string is thinner than your average "normal" string. Why thinner string?

1. Great for your slimline, pocket or micro throws.

2. Got some old-school throws with a narrow gap? This is the answer.

3. Like multiple wraps and layers of string in your tricks? We've got you covered.

4. Always looking for back-up dental floss? This is not for that. Please don't try to clean your teeth with our string.

Your average "normal" string has around 11 threads. These guys have 9. It means a little more force to get your whips to move, but is far more forgiving while you're trying to work out that new string trick!

Comparison photo shows the green/yellow Sochi edition string which is 12 threads, and the yellow/orange which is 11 threads.