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Rain Drop Begleri - With Bearing Mods

$34.00 USD

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Rain Drops from Rain City Skills. Perfect, no?

The Rain Drops are made from high-quality machined Delrin (POM). They make a nice lightweight set that's easy on the hands and comfortable to play with. The wider base is easy to grab, with a smooth curve so it slips through the fingers when you want it to.

The Rain Drop has another bonus feature - bearing systems! With a thinner cord (275 or 325) it doubles as a fidget spinner. You can also thread 550 through with a little work (but the bearings won't spin).

Colours - Blue, Yellow, White

Bearing Mods:
Size - Slim (1.4g) or Full Size (2.3g)
End Caps - Red, Blue, Gold, Black

Dimensions and weight

Length 25.4mm
Width at base - 23.4mm
Weight options
Base bead - 8g
With string stop - 8.6g
Half Bearing- 9.9g
Full Bearing - 10.8
Both Bearings 12.2

In the box - A pair of Raindrop beads, 5 cords and a sticker

he video below includes a review of the begleri.