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Rain Drop Counterweight with bearing mods

$18.00 USD

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I've wanted to make a Rain Drop design counterweight for a long time. It fits the brand theme, and I think it makes for a great feeling counterweight. The base is just wide enough to make catching the counterweight easy and comfortable, with curves to let it slip through your fingers easily when you are ready to let go.

The Rain drop counter weight has an optional bearing setup. The string hole is big enough to let the string tension stay neutral as you play. The string stop that comes with the bearing option is tight enough that a standard finger knot won't slip through. The bearing also lets the counterweight double as a fidget spinner!


Blue (rain day)
Yellow (Sunshower)
White (Overcast)

Base Bead - 8g
With bearing assembly - 10.5g
Optional slim bearing instead - 9.9g

If you want to fiddle with weight, you can also just use the string stopper without the bearing for 8.5g, or stack two slim bearings for 11g!

We've also got plans for additional string stop designs with different materials to get the weight just right, but that'll be down the road.


Check out the video below for setup instructions