Retro Rocket

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The Retro Rocket is a throw that was over a year in the making.  We went through 2 prototypes getting the weight and the fingerspin cup just right.  It's a stable V shaped throw, fast and powerful.  The fingerspin cup design is intended to train you to fingerspin perfection. 
Each package comes with 
-A retro Rocket yoyo
-A custom hand crafted 24k whips string matching the colour
-5 Mr Yoyo Thrower trading cards
-stickers including a holographic sticker with the retro rocket logo
-a Lego compatible spaceman minifig matching each colourway
-a small lego set you can build with instructions.
Weight 65.4g
Width   38.7 mm
Diameter  52.9 mm
Bearing - Groove concave
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