Sk8r - Small Bearing Edition by Rain City and Oh Yes Yo

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 The SB edition of the Sk8r is designed to reference the older high-walled, thick rimmed yoyos, powered by a small but fast bearing.  It has enough of a step out around the bearing to allow for multiple string wraps and modern play, while still maintaining that tight, smooth bind we all used to love.

The Sk8r is designed to reference a Skateboard Wheel.  It comes packaged in shrink wrap just like an actual skateboard wheel, with a finger board to use as a display stand or pull of some mad tricks with.  Along side of it you get:

-A random Lego Minifigure with a lego skateboard
-A pack of stickers and yoyo trading cards
-2 sets of glow-mods
-A set of Lego fingerspin cups
-Size 'A' Flat bearing installed
-Size 'A' Center Track bearing in the bag

The Sk8r is that perfect mix of quality, performance, and more fun than any one yoyo should hold.  This collaboration between Rain City Skills and Oh Yes Yo is the end result of 6 prototypes, much testing and almost a year of planning.

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