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Sochi Bearings

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Sochi was founded when Luckey Li realized that he needed better, yet cheaper equipment as a competitor. He’s a 5-time Canadian National Champion, and has also held the international division titles for Europe, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, and the U.S. During the winter season of 2018, Luckey worked with factories to find the best quality equipment he could, while keeping trying to keep the costs low. Sochi is a culmination of a strong background in professional level yoyoing and the motivation to provide the community with better equipment. The company has been very positively embraced throughout its existence so far, and for that we are extremely grateful.

Sochi are the bearings of choice for competitors who want reliable equipment that can keep up their demands.  They wanted to be able to provide yoyoers with a high quality, smooth bearing, right out of the box. They do not need to lubed at all, and you won’t need to buy 100 of them at a time, hoping to get maybe 10 of them that are good. Each one will be tested before shipment.


Sochi T Bearing:
These are our centering, wing-shaped bearings. 

Sochi Concave:
These are our concave, bowl-shaped bearings.