Stoopid Capitalism Day Tree

$65.00 USD

Back by Popular Demand, our first (failed) attempt at making a really terrible yoyo (story below).

First released in 2019, the goal with this yoyo was to basically make a kids drawing of an Xmas tree for each half

This yoyo is a novelty, but turned out to be too much fun to play with. It's big and wide, so easy to catch the yoyo in the gap, right?

Wrong. Well, kindof. The ridges that make it look like a tree? Yeah, you're string's getting caught on those. Which makes it a challenging yoyo to play, but also opens up a whole different way to yoyo. 

Catch the string on those ridges on purpose!


Diameter - 62mm

Width    -   50mm

Weight  -   64.3g

 Story - In 2019 we did a ridiculous marketing push. One yoyo released every month for a year. (Click here to see them all) It was rough, but we did it! As a thank you to the reviewers who helped use get the word out each month, we made a yoyo specifically designed to get horrible reviews. With Modern yoyo design and yoyo-specific machine shops, it's hard to make a really bad yoyo. So a lot of reviews tend to be "This is great because." Of course, some reviewers didn't follow the script and actually LIKED it, but there's no accounting for taste!