The DTYY - Horoscope Edition

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Looking for something to do while stuck at home? Time to level up your yoyo skills! This throw is designed to be the one yoyo you need on your journey from beginner to pro! Good for everything from Rock the Baby to brain melting long trick combos!

*note - if you are ordering this for a beginner send us an email at and we can set it up with a beginner bearing for you, free of charge.

Last year I had a crazy idea. A horoscope themed yoyo. 12 colours, 24 engraving options. I also had the crazy idea to re-make the Infamous Dollar Tree Yoyo (click for that story). So why not combine them!?

The challenge with 12 colours is volume. With the exception of the Gamer, every rain city release has been around 100-150 pieces. For this throw, I made 600. Combined with a simple design and mostly solid colours, that got me a volume discount. So I’m able to offer this throw at a lower than usual price, in the spirit of the original Dollar Tree Yoyo.

There will be 2 editions of this throw.

  1. The DTYY edition will retail for $30 with the full extras package - 3 colourways. Black/gold and red/gold reflecting the original Dollar Tree Yoyo and a blue/orange colour is exclusive to The Monthly Throw. Surprise!

  2. The “What’s Your Sign” edition will retail for $30. Just a yoyo and string. You will have the option of adding the unboxing experience for $10 more. This edition comes in 12 colours, with a total of 30 options.

    -Each colour reflects a given month’s birthstone. For that colour, you have the choice of either of the astrological symbols that fall on that month. For example January is a dark red “Garnet” colour, with the option of either the Capricorn or Aquarius symbol (or both if you are born on the cusp date).

    The Unboxing experience

    If you opt for the $10 extras pack you will get:

     -The usual trading cards/stickers
    -extra Rain City edition Sochi string
    -a slim bearing and shorter axle for responsive play
    -assorted lego bricks to attach to the lego hub
    -a yoyo holster
    -maple candy
    -a cheap yoyo that is similar to the original Dollar Tree yoyo.

-$10 "Extras" pack available as an addon for all colours now (including splash)
-Don't forget yoyo holster, bulk bearings, or the new Rain City Skills Strings!



Weight - 56.4g
Diameter - 54.9mm
Width - 37.7mm
Bearing - Concave (slim bearing optional)
Features - Lego hub

Check out The Definitive Throw review, and under it the original "Team Dollar Tree" Video.