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Introducing “The Author” by Rain City Skills

The Author is a yoyo I’ve been waiting years to make. When I was working with King Yo Star, I had the opportunity to release a signature yoyo. The Pun was a great yoyo, but it wasn’t perfect. Five years later I have a lot more experience and a different set of needs.

First and foremost, I wanted a yoyo I’d enjoy playing. Something that wouldn’t be work to throw, that is smooth on the string and stable enough to work through designing a trick, and more importantly, teaching a trick.

I’m also dealing with multiple shoulder injuries from car accidents. Most yoyos in the 64g+ range hit the end of the string with a tug and have a tug on the bind. It’s not a lot, but it adds up to reduced throwing time.  When Justin and I were working on this design, light weight was my #2 design goal.

We ended up with a 56g yoyo.

That’s right, 56g. When I got the prototype, I played with it for a week before it occurred to me to weight it. The proto was 55g, we added 1g to the rim so it would have a good thumb grind lip.


Diameter – 54.17mm
Width – 45.29mm
Weight - 56g
Gap – 4.5mm

I think you are going to love this throw, it’s light but powerful, and has a comfortable curve. It sits somewhere in the “W” shape ballpark but leaning towards an “O” shaped gap rather than a “V”.

Of course, The Author includes the signature Rain City Skills Lego hub you’ve come to know and love.

It will be available in 4 colourways. Each of them has an engraving of a small book that says “Yoyo Maddness” on it.

  1. “I should have hired an editor” edition - Solid Red with engraving “I Red a Book”
  2. Fantasy - black with pink and silver splash
  3. Science Fiction – Black with blue and green splash
  4. Sports reporting (aka “Ice Hockey Incident) – Blue with red splash – this colour was the best-selling colour of the Pun.

Unlike most Rain City yoyos, this one isn’t going to come with a crazy unboxing experience. You will get string, yoyo, a simple box and a “J.D. McKay” Pokeyo card and sticker.

The main “Extra” is my first book. That’s right, I wrote a book.

“How to Run a Boutique Yoyo Business” is the first book in a series of guides to the modern yoyo world. The book begins with my history as a yoyopreneur (Yes, I made up that word), from making cases and painting yoyos, to being a sponsored player with MFD, running the North American wing of King Yo Star, a online retail store with Return Top Shop and finally the beginnings of Rain City Skills. I then guide you through the basics of setting up a small business, designing, making, and selling yoyos.

The yoyo comes with a digital copy of the book. You will receive a download link for your choice of ereader file (Kindle, Kobo, Nook, etc) within 24 hours of purchase.


Add both the yoyo and an autographed pre-order copy of the print book to the cart at the same time and receive a 30% discount off the retail price.