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The Author - The Sequel!

$50.00 USD

The Author is back with a Sequel!

 The Author was designed to be easy on Mr. Yoyothrower's messed up shoulder. The lighter weight takes away that 'thud' heavier yoyos get when they hit the end of the string. Less thud = more throws before strain sets in. But that wouldn't do any good if the yoyo spun out quickly, so Justin Scott Larson used his Engineering genius to get the weight just right, so it'll sleep through some of your toughest tricks!

This has become the go-to throw for the grown-up yo-yoers who need something a little easier on the shoulder/wrist/arm.

With Mryoyothrower’s second book, “The People of Yoyo” near release, we thought it was time for another run. The Sequel is similar to the original, with some aesthetic tweaks to help with the “do I really need ANTOHER one of this yoyo?” question. Yes. The answer is yes. This one’s different. Super duper different.

There, did that help?

This time we are releasing 8 colourways to match major story genres, around 20 pieces each. Stay tuned for more pictures!

-Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Thriller, Paranormal, Romance, Non-Fiction (Music Book) and a re-release of “The Editor” with two engravings.

Price: $50


Weight 56.3
Diameter 53.9mm
Width 44.2mm
Bearing – Groove Concave

In the Box:
- 1 Author yoyo with a Rain City “Sun shower” string
- Stickers!
- "Lego" compatible Hub Accessories
- A Custom “Mryoyothrower” pen/cell phone stylus and a Lego sword, so you can answer the question – Is the pen mightier than the sword? (Note – Fantasy and Sci-Fi editions come with a Lego lightsaber)

Each Author comes wrapped in an autographed page of one of Mr. Yoyothrower’s rough drafts. Hold onto it, it might be worth something one day when he’s a famous author!


Don't forget to stock up on Bearings, Strings and Accessories!