"The DUCC" - BST Collaboration Prototype by Rain City Skills and Throw Co.

  • $40.00 USD

You want a Ducc?  Because this is how you get a Ducc.  You exchange currency for the vague promise of a Ducc appearing in your mailbox at an indeterminate point in the near future.  

The Ducc is the result of a lengthy series of surveys in the Facebook group "Yoyo BST & Talk", a community design!  Since the community designed it, the community gets to test it.  Instead of the usual handful of prototypes, I had enough made that anyone who wants a piece of this bit of history can join in!

The Name: it started around a year or so ago. Every time someone made a poll asking a question (whats your favourite trick: slack, tech, flow) someone would add "Duck" as one of the answers and it would invariably win the most votes. It became a thing, so when it came time to vote on the name for the yoyo "Duck" got written in. Then "Ducc" got added and that got the most votes.

The Ducc was designed in collaboration with Devin Florez, owner of "Throw Co."  You can check out there gear here:

As they are prototypes, they aren't perfect, but they have each been hand tested by Jeremy "Mr Yoyothrower" and are found to be smooth and play well.  

If you purchase a Ducc you are invited to pop into the BST and share your feedback on the design, or send us an email at raincityskills@gmail.com!  If the throw is well enough liked, a full production run will occur!

Width             40mm
Diameter        53mm
Weight            65g