The Guitarist - Throws'n'Brews x Rain City Skills

$50.00 USD

The guitar is an amazing instrument for it’s versatility. It can be a calm accompaniment to your day’s activities, the rhythm that carries a vocal melody, or a harmonious part of a band.

But it can also dominate. Look to the Rock and Metal guitar-gods of the 20th century. Performers who commanded the attention of a stadium full of people, dominating the crowd with a lone instrument that can produce an orchestra’s worth of sound.

This yoyo has big shoes to fill.

To that end, we paid tribute to a number of guitars that captured the attention of the world.

We have 5 colourways available for retail named after famous guitars

-Frankenstrat (Black/silver/Red) - Eddie Van Halen's famous guitar
-Dimebolt (Black/Blue) - Dimebag Darrel
-Gibson SG (Solid black with engravings) - My mentor Kris Schulz’s guitar
-Lucille (Black/Gold) - BB King
-Larivee - in Honour of Astronaut/Musician Chris Hadfield - The first musician to perform a duet from outerspace and film a music video while on the ISS!

Don't forget to check out Zipline Strings for Thomas Velto's signature colours!

Here's a link to a written review of the Guitarist and a few others.

In the Bag

-A Guitarist Yoyo
-A custom engraved guitar pick
-A minifigure holding a guitar – assorted medical professionals, the rock stars of the pandemic


Weight – 64.1g
Width – 46.8mm
Diameter – 55.7mm
Bearing – Groove Concave