The Loonie - American Edition

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The Loonie is a tiny throw that packs a big punch! Small enough to fit in the pocket, big enough to work on precision training your combos.
The Loonie was inspired by a YoYo from 10 years ago called the “Littles”. It was a pocket throw that played big. We took that idea and refined it with a unique design modern play requires. We’ve tested through 3 variations to get to this version and we think it’s fantastic!
The Loonie plays best with a thinner string, but works fine with your favourite brand of bulk string.
The first version of the loonie was exclusively available in Canada. When Andre Boulay asked if he could carry it at Yoyoexpert, I decided to take the opportunity to tweak the design. We made it 30% wider to create a more stable throw. It also reflects the fact that you need $1.30 Canadian to buy an American dollar!”
We like to have fun at Rain City Skills, so the hub of the Yoyo is designed to be Lego compatible. This allows you to throw on some small decorative pieces or bigger pieces to adjust the weight. Each Loonie comes with a pair of lego plates that are great for fingerspins!
Each Loonie comes packed in a small zip up coin pouch including:
-1 Loonie YoYo
-1 foil-wrapped chocolate Canadian Dollar coin
-An assortment of Rain City Skills stickers
-A random selection of Mryoyothrower trading cards
-a few Rain City Skills thin strings.
Material - Brass
Width - 33.1mm
Diameter - 31.8mm
Weight - 64.3g
Bearing - Size A Center flat track
Release date is June 20th at 6PM Pacific Time!