The Showpony

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The Showpony is the successor to the popular Showgirl we released a couple of years ago. We made this version a little bigger and a little lighter to find that balance of speed and stability we strive for. 

Diameter - 55.2mm
Weight - 63.8mm
Width - 45.2m
Bearing - Concave

In the box:

-The Showpony yoyo with Rain City strings
-lego pieces for the hubs
-some bling
-Maple candy
-trading card/stickers

Don't forget your accessories like string, extra bearings, light up lego, or a custom leather yoyo holster.

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The Story

The Story of the Showpony

A couple of years ago when Rain City Skills was breaking into the market, a Facebook friend named Troy Butner sent me a message. He’d designed his dream yoyo and just wanted to get a handful made so he could have one. But the machine shop had a minimum order quantity. So he invited some friends to pay the cost and each get one. He called it “The Showgirl.”

I sent him the money and then forgot about it until it arrived in the Mail. it was amazing. A Classic O-shaped yoyo with a great weight distribution. The timing was perfect. I had decided that my next release was going to be something very similar so rather than start from scratch, I asked if he'd be willing to collaborate. I loved the concept as Mrs. Yoyothrower is a dancer, so it was a nice tribute to all the help she gives me. We made a few small changes (adding the Rain City signature Lego Hub) to the design and ordered a run. We made a total of 150 of the showgirl design before I moved on.

Two years later it was time to revisit the design. I sent the original file to Justin Scott Larson to add some upgrades. We made it a little wider and slightly larger in diameter and shaved off about 3 grams of weight from the overall design. The end result maintains the general feel of the original Showgirl, but is lighter, faster, and more stable on the string.

I decided with the updated design an updated name was is appropriate. Show pony is a name for somebody who is a born performer. Somebody who loves being on the stage and in the spotlight. It's also a gender-neutral term, so it's more friendly. I planned the colorways around different performing arts. The solid colours are the colours of a circus tent, and each of the splash colours matches a different performing art - Musical Theatre, Flow arts, Magician, Dancer.


Each throw comes with the Rain City Skills unboxing experience. I hired the same local artist (Siggy who designed the Mr. YoyoThrower avatar and she did not disappoint.