The Stoopid Capitalism Day Tree - Rain City Skills

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Release - Saturday December 14 at 5PM Pacific Time
We had 2 goals with this yoyo.
1. Top off 12 months 12 yoyos with something ridiculous - Check
2. Make an objectively terrible yoyo - Check
The second goal was a Capitalism Day (aka Christmas) gift for the reviewers who have helped make this year possible. Throws’N’Brews, Let’s Talk Yoyo, Simply Mike and Dylan Kowalski. With modern design and technology, it’s really hard to make a bad yoyo. So most reviews are positive, and people periodically complain. After reviewing the Stoopid Capitalism Day Tree, they will forever have something to point to and say “Look, this is a negative review!”
These are made to be a collector piece, not meant for serious play. While many of the design features make this a ridiculous yoyo (overall size to say the least), the ridges in the gap stand out. They are just big enough for the string to get caught on them for a moment before slipping into the gap. Not all the time, but once in a while. Essentially you have internal stunt pegs. This turns a ridiculously wide yoyo into something you have to play like a slimline throw. Ridiculous.
Throw at your own risk. Rain City Skills takes no responsibility for head injuries resulting in foolish attempts at horizontal speed combos. Or basic binds...
Only 20 of these are available for purchase
Each throw comes with a package of silly Christmas related stickers and seasonal silliness. As one expects from a Rain City throw.
Weight - 64g
Width - 50mm
Diameter - 61.8mm
Material - 6061 Aluminum
Bearing - Groove Concave
String - MFD Vines

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