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The Toonie - 2nd Run

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The Toonie

A couple years back we first introduced The Loonie. A brass micro-yoyo the size of a Canadian $1 coin. One of the first responses we got was "You need to make a bi-metal version called The Toonie." (Since Canada's $2 coin is copper in the middle with a steel ring).

So we went back to the drawing board with the goal of making the best performing micro-yoyo we could.

The Toonie has an aluminum body with a Stainless Steel ring, allowing us to push weight to the right place for stability. You probably won't use it to win the world yoyo championship. But it's the perfect yoyo to throw in your pocked with your spare change to practice your precision on those long combos!

This micro-yoyo is designed with a size-A bearing and a gap that supports most bulk 'normal' sized strings. It'll play best with a thinner string though.

width 26.8mm
Diameter 34.8mm
Bearing - Size A Flat Track
Pads - standard 19mm
Build - 6061 Aluminum with Steel Rings
Features - Lego-Compatible Hub Accessories

Whats in the box
The toonie comes in a leather wallet, as you'd expect for a yoyo named after a coin! Inside you'll find

-The Toonie
-A pair of Rain City custom edition Sochi Strings
-Rain City Stickers
-Custom Rain City pogs and a special edition metal "slammer"
-Fingerspin Cups and other Hub Accessories
-A plastic replica of a Canadian $2 coin!

Gold with silver rings - $98
Gold with black rings - $105
Gold with rainbow rings - $109