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Two Bits

$65.00 USD

"Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits"

Somewhere in your subconscious rests the knocking pattern to go with that phrase. I know it's burned in my memory as the secret knock for our apartment. When I grew up I lived in an old 4-floor walk-up apartment building.

When we moved in it was a "No Kids, No pets" building. My parents managed to negotiate an exception for me (7 at the the time), but our two 70lb Airedale Terriers were definitely not allowed. The solution? They spent their days across town at grandpa's house in a big backyard.

In the evening, my dad would pick them up, call me from grandpas place and let me know to come down and run interference. I'd hang out in the back, keeping an eye out for the building manager. Dad drove up and I'd either wave him off, or hold the door while we snuck the dogs in. Once in, anyone coming to our door had to deliver the knock pattern, minus the last knock. If they did, we knew it was safe. If they didn't, we madly rushed around hiding the dogs!

"But what does this have to do with the yoyo Jeremy?"
"Two Bits" is old slang for a 25 cent coin. Since this yoyo is close to the diameter of a quarter, it's the perfect name! 

Fun bit of trivia, this was actually the shape of the original prototoype for the loonie. Except in brass, with a size A bearing. Justin had designed it for both brass and steel, but we went with brass, being the less expensive option. So last year I decided to test out the SS design, just out of curiosity's sake. Through a fantastic happy accident, the shop messed up and put in a size D bearing. 

It plays soooooo much better than the original prototype. It's still a challenge. This isn't like the Toonie where it plays twice it's size. This throw demands precision from you.

It comes in a custom coin pouch with the usual Rain City randomness. Included is a few of our new thin string. The Two Bits plays fine with your standard "Normal" bulk string, but a little more room in the gap is always useful with something this tiny.

Retail price is $65 and it'll be available at Raincityskills.com, Yoyoexpert.com and Yoyosam.com

4 colors available

Material - Stainless Steel
Weight - 56g
Width - 21.3mm
Diameter - 21.8mm
Bearing - Size D