Hipster Highlife

$95.00 USD

It's back! The yoyo that started this crazy yoyo company. 

Rain City Skills started with a visit to One Drop in Eugene Oregon. I came home and told my wife about the experience, and she popped out the idea of a hipster themed yoyo brand. Designed in Vancouver, Machined in Oregon. 

One of the design features that set the stage for so much of Rain City's themes is the Lego compatible hub. I originally wanted to use side effects, but One Drop suggested just machining it right into the yoyo (cheaper). So we did!

The new version is exactly the same design as the original and once again machined by One Drop in Oregon. 

The original came in 4 splash anodized colorways themed around hipster stereotypes. "The Foodie" "The Beer Snob" "The Starving Artist" and "Herb".
This time around we thought we'd update it and have fun with some Millenial Stereotypes! We ran with solid colors this time to keep the cost down, but I had a hookup for small batch custom engraving. So here it is.

1. Avacado Toast - you know, the reason why Millenials can't afford a house. Not at all because the previous generations tanked the housing market repeatedly and corporations bought up so much of the land.

2. "Cardboard Box only $2.4 Million" - See Avacado toast

- Cursive - "Those Millennials can't even read cursive anymore, what ARE they teaching in schools?" I mean, they could be learning actual useful skills. But probably not.
1. "What does that say?" "I can't read cursive"
2. "We can't read cursive" "Whose fault is that?"

- Snowflake - "Those Millenials can't take a joke, they are such special little snowflakes" Most often coming from someone who has a nervous breakdown when they hear someone use the word "they" in a sentence.

- Participation Trophy - "These kids have no sense of real competition, they got a trophy for even showing up." Moving past who gave them the trophies, interestingly enough the science all shows that to create resilience in kids you have to expose them to a variety of experiences that give them a safe way to experience failure, but be rewarded for taking a risk. Hmmm.

Unengraved - We left a handful unengraved for that clean classy look! or you can sharpie on your own Millennial theme! 

Drop day is Thursday August 10th at 5PM Pacific

Price - $95 USD

The original was $110 when we released it 6 years ago. Which would be about $140 now accounting for inflation.

So to keep the price down we're cutting the "extras" that came with the first yoyo. Simple box, some stickers and candy. We're also